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missing R6 specific information about $ViewFormat item inside documentation
~James Fezboosimarettu 01/10/2003 09:14 AM
Toolkits 6.0 Windows 2000


I have the API C 6.0 SDK (date 15 Oct 2002). The are some matters about the $ViewFormat item which I'd like to found out more about:

1. The documentation which came together with this SDK refers to this item but not completely. The explanation about the layout of this item are not complete. This documentation covers the layout only up to the VIEW_TABLE_FORMA3 inclusive. Even if the additional format structures for columns (VIEW_COLUMN_FORMAT3 and 4) and table (VIEW_TABLE_FORMAT4 and 5) are explained, the documentation fails to show the exact layout of the $ViewFormat item, following the VIEW_TABLE_FORMAT3 item (the samples fail to load this item any further too), as described briefly inside the "viewfmt.h" header. To be more exact I would really need to know where can I find references about the complete layout of this item inside the DSK documentation or if these references exist.

2. Another matter concerning this item is the fact that there is no odstype for VIEW_COLUMN_FORMAT3 and 4,VIEW_TABLE_FORMAT4 and 5.


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